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Oct 24, 2008

Cash Run begins in ... Swiss Banks, short after Begin of End Time Billions Bailouts

"First signs of Cash Run in ... Switzerland" is first published in the illuminati media (1),  in the age of  Billions Bailouts (2).

Time to recall the REAL End Time Bailouts data (2) and the REAL '"swiss" UBS collapses' script, as first published 2007 by Last Prophet.

The REAL End Time Bailouts data
End Times Prophet words from October 17, 2008:
"Now, does this prove the prophet wrong, who predicted the script before it was published? (3) Answer: Not yet, since according to the Laws of End Times Reductionism, End Time Bailouts are worth ..."

(1) Title of swiss newspaper's article is packaged as Illuminati joke, i.e. "The BIG TAKE-OFF begins" ("Das Grösse Abheben beginnt", use google to translate it from german):
"Abheben" (Take off) as opposite of "Grounding" - to understand it, read the illuminati-jokes article below, where Prophet explained how jokes about the "end of Swissair" (former national swiss airline) script in 2001 were used in jokes about the UBS script, in 2007.

(2) Illuminati media's Article, from October 17, 2008:
UBS Largest Bailout EVER, $60 billion from the Swiss National Bank
Hit harder than any other European financial institution by losses stemming from bad investments in subprime American mortgage debt, UBS will receive a lifeline worth as much as $60 billion from the Swiss National Bank. ...
At the same time, UBS managers were caught off-guard by the speed with which liquidity in the market for mortgage-backed securities evaporated, making them impossible to sell at almost any price.

2007 Nov, Dec: Script, actors and jokes: all explained in the End Times Prophet preview:
Collapse of Major Banks, Illuminat jokes: "swiss" UBS as milestone in shock and awe
Paper Money: UBS Swiss Bank as messenger for grounding time

Added: Why was the BIG BANG postponed? Same answer as:
Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why it was postponed * FIVE * times since 2009 - 4th and 5th times added 2014 and 2015.


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