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May 13, 2015

Picasso's Women of Algiers record price HOAX: HORRIBLE TRUTH exposed

Picasso's Women of Algiers record price HOAX. HORRIBLE TRUTH exposed
Psy-op to tell in plain sight that thousands of human lives are worth ZERO dollars.
1. Illuminati icon Ronaldo, who does nothing but to execute orders.
Previous roles:
- from episodes of the same "millions" series, starting with his fake "record breaking salary",
- to "visit to Paris Hilton in LA" and "Cristiano Ronaldo's son was told his mum was dead".

2. Nepal's puppet government, one of at least 192 UN recognized governments doing nothing but to execute orders from Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler.
Role in this episode: keep silence about:
- the mockery "US donates 1 million".
- the fake "$8 Million donation by Ronaldo";

3. Usual actors (Lloyds' and Christie's, as in this episode) in the "Fake art auctions" series.

Passing the ZERO message: same as with rigged state lotteries
- Those who hate numbers and have only a sense for space and art won't have problems to get that a large chunk of Picasso's Women of Algiers, more than a dozen pieces in a 180 Jigsaw puzzle of the painting, shows ony parallel lines.
Each piece theoretically worth one million or in other words "parallel lines drawn on a canvas are considerably more valuable than the lives of millions of homeless after Nepal's quake", as valued by the US government.
- For human cattle too lazy or not able to compute divisions the "close to ZERO" value is passed with "Ronaldo donates 8 times more to Nepal victims than the US".
- For the rest it's passed as an "official value of about 25 cents per person", or 1 million US aid divided by 4 million made homeless and tens of thousands injured.
"Coincidentally" the same as with totally rigged state lotteries, where a value near zero (one out of nearly 180 million) is officially given to package the real data: ZERO probabilities for human cattle to win the jackpot. 

Nepal earthquake; millions are made homeless before monsoon season

25 April 2015 - Nepal earthquake: US to send disaster response team and $1m in aid

11 May 2015 - Cristiano Ronaldo Quietly Donated Nearly $8 Million Toward Nepal Aid

11 May 2015 - Picasso's Women of Algiers sells for $179,365,000, becoming most expensive painting to sell at an auction.

Psy-op fake art auctions: illuminati mocking human cattle Exposed a decade ago

In reality Illuminati icon Ronaldo earns around ONE million dollars a year.
His fake salary is a result of the same psy-op technique used in the fake art auctions.
That's why he's doing stuff such as "Truly Bizarre Japanese Commercial for a Facial Fitness Tool" and he wasn't even able to save his sister's business at Madeira island from bankruptcy.

Illuminati puppet governments 2015: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology

Illuminati jokes about fattened UK human cattle playing Euromillions: Britain's biggest lottery winners: Pig #1 and #2 played by same actor
Includes link detailing how illuminati rig TV lottery "drawings".

Exceptionally the illuminati invest money in the lives of human cattle, going as far as to pay the price of a ferry: