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Jul 8, 2007

Earth's maximum recorded temperatures - the 3 Basic Facts - HORRIBLE TRUTH exposed worldwide first

The Three Basic Facts
1. False data was provided by Illuminati Media (from Guiness Book of Records to NASA (1)) to give the sheep the feeling "nothing to be alarmed now".
2. Highest recorded temperatures in the world go unnoticed, since they are "much lower" than this false data.
3. As a consequence of this lie, the KEY issue about fact #2 is not raised.

(1) Libya recorded the highest temperature in 1922, according to this nasa page:
After I wrote the original version for this article, this page is not being returned. Here an archived copy

Such false data (old false readings from 1913 and 1922) is used to give the sheep the feeling "nothing to be alarmed now".
No station in Libya has ever recorded temperatures above 50°.
The highest temperature recorded by a WMO station is 52.6° at Jacobabad, Pakistan.
Only 6 WMO stations recorded temps above 51° so far.