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Aug 7, 2016

Multipliers recreate crowds for Hitler milestones in 2016: Erdogan, Clinton

Multipliers recreate million crowds for 2016 Hitler milestones: Erdogan's rally audience same as Clinton's votes
That's the main reason why Erdogan's rally was broadcasted live by ALL TV news stations around the world.
At the end of the show the crowds are ruled by the Laws of End Times Reductionism: self-proclaimed islamists waving turkish (some also azeri and bosnian) flags.

Aug 7, 18:00 GMT - ALL global "news" TV networks broadcast Erdogan's speech at the "huge Unity" Istanbul rallly 
Attended by "hundreds of thousands" according to TV commentators .
Published before post-rally "news" started to portray the audience as millions. And that's why the "At the end of the day..." paragraph was inserted.

Multipliers supporting Hitler 2016 milestones in the IV Reich - from NY votes to Istanbul crowds
- from Hiter's oldest daughter Hitlery Clinton on his birthday, Apr 20 2016, at the New York Primaries, as part of the Clinton-Kaine alias Hitler-Hitler final winning ticket 
- to Erdogan's rally in Istanbul, before sending troops to join Iran in crushing the rebels in Syria.

iIlluminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler celebrates his great uncle in plain sight at the end of the show,
Aug 2016, Istanbul, "huge unity" alias pro-Erdogan rally: second HITLER milestone, within 8 months, for trtuh in plain sight about who the Fuehrer now is.
As expected from the "parallel scripts" method, the same actor is reused.
Reminder: the first milestone waa set as the agenda "EU candidate Turkey legalizes nazi terror" was about to be completed: 
Jan 1, 2016 - the script for the last new year's eve in the world as the human cattle knows it ranges from the classic "fire in a Dubai skyscraper" to this premiere:
having for the first time one of their puppets playing head of state stating the goal of "doing what Hitler did". 
In the script's own words: "Turkey's president says all he wants is same powers as Hitler.

Erdogan "huge unity" rally - for dummies
Aug 7 - istanbul, scripted timing: 
- three weeks after the fake coup attempt, 80,000 arrests according to official data, and Erdogan's promise to introduce the death penalty "to clean Turkey"
- just before "Erdogan sends ground troops to Syria" as last resort to use "muslim" puppets to crush the rebels.
What was not scripted: 
- two days after the rebels break the siege of liberated Aleppo, setting several militray milestones in the process.

The biggest the lie the more peeole will believe it.
And the more the illuminati fulfill their commandment of "black is white".
That's why the coreography for hailing traitor Erdogan included a gigantic turkish flag and (not only) those transported by 1000 busses from up to hundreds of kms away all supplied with their own flag.

Erdogan's crowds by illuminati media's headlines
Visually multiplying crowds includes CGI footage to extend the audience into infinity, a trick previously used in other countries. Reminder:
How crowds are multiplied with CGI[
- during the" live" braodacast , any camera in an elevated position allowing recognition of individual movements covers only the section close to the stage, where the real audience is.
- CGI adds an amorphous mass of pixels to a low resolution global view.
Erdogan's multiplier still far from 100, as for Hillary's votes in the NY priimaries.
Turning 50,000 into "hundreds of thousands" still far from the 3 digits multiplier milestone.
Yet the main reason why this rallly was ibroadcasted globally was indeed a milestone, but of another type, based not on numbers but rather on six chracters.

This parageah inserted hours later: 
At the end of the day again a 100 multiplier, albeit not absolutely official ...
I understimated the illuminati, albeit unlike for Hillary the number is not undisputed.
Blatant lies (contradicted by what was broadcasted) such as "the parade ground, built to hold more than a million people, was overflowing" while leaving the only numbers to turkish media and a presidency official: from 3 to 5 million.

Erdogan sets second Hitler related milestone for the IV Reich. at "huge rally"
Erdogan becomes the first head of state in the IV Reich to address a crowd with the word Hitler written behind him.
A milestone that also illustrates to what lengths illuminati can combine truth in plain sight and the omission technique: make no mistake, none of the thousands of TV commentators around the world mentioned it.
The explanation is as simple as tnis: ALL of the world's TV channels broadcasted by cable or satellite are controlled by the illuminati.

100 multiplier by russian RT one week earlier, 
"Coincidentally" again in a pro-Erdogan "rally", Cologne, Germany.
Nazi agents of russian RT propagate less than 400 supporters of nazi agent Erdogan as a crowd of 40,000, while showing thousands of anti-Erdogan protesters.
The RT article is titled "40,000 rally to back Erdogan in Cologne, Germany amid counter-protests (PHOTOS, VIDEO)".
It includes the youtube video "Germany: Leftists, Turkish nationalists and German far-right groups march in Cologne": a dozen Erdogan supporters, the rest are anti-Erdogan crowds.

Why RT's Cologne multiplier should be ignored as a milestone: 
- the result was only 40,000, far from the million word.
- the HITLER word was still missing in the rally banner (photo in RT article.
Notice otherwise the exact same banner of the Istanbul rally one week later.

First milestone:
1 Jan 2016
In a world first, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan uses Hitler's Germany as a positive role model for his constitutional reforms
Erdogan has sparked mockery and condemnation by defending new powers he wants to give himself as being similar to Adolf Hitler’s.
In a statement that surprised even his critics, Mr Erdogan responded to arguments that putting political power in the hands of the presidency would not work in a "unitary state".
He said there were other examples of its being successful. “You can see it when you look at Hitler's Germany. There are later examples in various other countries."

August 7, 2016 - the multiplied crowd
First seconds show the crowd plus the amorphous mass created with CGI: "
"Millions" gather in Istanbul for anti-coup rally called by Erdogan

Erdogan told a rally of more than one million people on SundBanners in a sea of red Turkish flags read "You are a gift from God, Erdogan" and "Order us to die and we will do it". 
It was the first time in decades that opposition leaders joined a rally in support of the government, with pockets of secularists, nationalists and others alongside his core Islamist supporters.
ay that July's failed coup would be a milestone in building a stronger Turkey, defying Western criticism of mass purges and vowing to destroy those behind the putsch.
The parade ground, built to hold more than a million people, was overflowing, with the streets of surrounding neighborhoods clogged by crowds. One presidency official put the numbers at around five million ...

Mass unity rally against Turkey coup plotters
Pro-government media said at least three million attended the gathering which was held under tight security with 15,000 police on duty.
A senior government official, who did not wish to be named, said there was an estimated five million people in the square and vicinity.

Before Erdogan's speech, the numbers were "hundreds of thousands":
Hundreds of thousands in massive anti-coup rally in Istanbul
Huge crowds gather for Turkish pro-democracy rally to show 'unity'
Turkey's Erdogan stages mass rally in show of strength after coup attempt

31 Jul 2016, Cologne, German - RT at work
a dozen Erdogan supporters at 0:50:

Turkey: FAKE Coup attempt, Illuminati theater, SCRIPT exposed: suppress sunni opposition to Syria Invasion
Turkey "elections" 2015 totally rigged, all parties controlled by tjhe illuminati. Erdogan had in reality aroind 20% in both elections,, staged according to the same script as the Brexit referendum.
In other words: first a defeat to be turned into a victory within months by repeating the "election".


The day after the 2014 winter Olympics ended "Putin entered Crimea" - The day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends Erdogan will enter Syria
It's called Illuminati parallel scripts.

Apr 20, 2016, on Hitler's anniversary: End Times Sign: 3 digits milestone for multiplying votes 
New York primaries: Clinton real votes counted 100 times each - milestone for converting real into official results.
Contrast it with Trump's results, generated, by BOTH a multiplier and a divider.
Contrast the very last thing Hitler's oldest daughter, "billionaire Trump" and "socialist Sanders" would say:

Tim Kaine's real name same as Hillary Clinton's real maiden name: HITLER.
The Hitler-Hitler ticket to terminate the USA